Q&A with Study Bundles Managing Director Declan Sweeney

studybundles-logoTargeting an app at schools and institutions is a brave  move, but Study Bundles believe they have the right product to help educational institutions reduce their overseas and domestic student drop out rate pre-arrival and help them deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction and acculturation.

What’s your elevator pitch?

StudyBundles AdminWe help educational institutions secure more student enrollments by enhancing the means by which recruitment and admissions teams communicate with their prospective student community.

Who is your ideal customer?

It is the Director Admissions or Head of Marketing at a given education institution.

Why did you develop StudyBundles?

As teachers working in supporting new students into UK universities and colleges, we saw first hand the challenges students faced in making the transition. The academic,  linguistic, cultural and social changes involved in the transition to university or college can be overwhelming. We felt there was a real opportunity to do more for students during the pre-arrival wait period.

How does the app help students?

My-social-programme-2Students are invited to join at the application/offer stage, at which point they can begin to find out more about the college or university. By completing an initial profile piece it ensures all subsequent correspondence is personalized.

How does the app help the schools?

By using CampusConnect schools can
Increase their enrollment rates
Provide a better overall student experience
Operate more effectively.

What are the biggest challenges when developing an app for schools?

Managing expectations. The app provides significant operational improvements but it does require our clients to think carefully about its communications strategy and, potentially, to reorganise accordingly.

How do you overcome these challenges?

We present a very clear development roadmap at the outset, with key milestones presented. We are also clear about the methodology being applied (agile in our case).

The StudyBundles app is free for students, so how do you make money?

The institution pays for the service. They benefit from increased enrollment.

What has been your biggest milestone so far?

Without a doubt, securing our first customer, the University of Limerick, was a major step forward. It provided validation that there was a need for this type of service in the sector.

What mistakes have you made and what have you learned from them?

Underestimating the challenge in integrating a new system like this. Particularly as it involves a change in the way certain things were done. So change management essentially!

What are your plans for the future development of StudyBundles?

My-skills-2Roll out to different markets including, the EFL sector, and the UK independent school sector. We are also exploring how the app can add value as a tool to support early student retention, which is also really exciting.

Increasingly MOOCs and other online courses are gaining recognition in the educational world. Do you foresee a time when physical schools and universities will cease to exist?

No. Having completed a fully online course myself, I understand the value of face to face teaching and feel it will always have a place. The online component augments what happens in the classroom but cannot replace it.

Declan SweeneyDeclan Sweeney is a graduate of the Unviersity of Manchester and a qualified learning development specialist with over ten years’ experience working in Higher Education and Further Education colleges in the UK, Australia, and Poland. He holds a BA (Hons) and PGCert in Applied Linguistics. Based in Sligo in the beautiful Northwest of Ireland , with cofounders based in the UK he has overseen the founding and development of Study Bundles Limited. He enjoys rural living and spending time with his young family. Contact Study Bundles