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10 More Lessons in Digital Literacy

Develop students’ language skills and digital literacies using this collection of 10 lesson plans built around authentic infographics.

Team Building Activities for the Remote Classroom

Make remote learning a positive and constructive experience with this collection of 20 digital team building activities.

10 Video Shorts Lessons

Build your students’ fluency using this collection of 10 lessons plans based around short video clips.

10 Image Scenario Lessons + Workbook App

A collection of role play lessons based around images.

Conversation and Listening Book 1 Cover

Conversation & Listening: Blended Learning Edition – Book 1

Whether you’re teaching in a physical or remote classroom, your students will love this series of 10 lessons. They are easy to use, interactive and require no preperation. Get your students speaking fluently and enjoying every lesson.

Conversation & Listening: Blended Learning Edition – Book2

This is a great follow up to book 1 and has even more great lessons that your students will enjoy. Both books include mobile workbook apps that your students can use at home and in the classroom.

Book Cover - Conversation & Listening - Book 2
Book Cover - 8 Business English Lessons: meetings

8 Business English Lessons: Meetings

Business English students will love these short lessons. Give students the opportunity to share their experience as well as learn new techniques and develop their vocabulary and fluency.

10 Business English Lessons: Managing

You can be a great Business English teacher with these lessons even if you don’t have any business experience. The interactive lessons will engage your students from the first slide and get them talking and sharing their lknowledge and experience.

Book Cover - 10 Business English Lessons - Managing
Book Cover - 30 TEFL Role Plays

30 Role Plays for TEFL

Get your students talking together from the very first activity with this wonderful collection of role-plays. This book has everything you need to develop your students’ fluency skills, including an app for your students to use in the remote or physical classroom.

10 Short Image Lessons

Your students will love talking about these enigmatic images. The lessons include beautifully designed digital presentations with creative tasks to get your students talking.

Book Cover - 10 Short Image Lessons
Book Cover - Hacking Creativity

Hacking Creativity

Power up your teaching with this collection of creative techniques and activities. Your students will love the 30 ready to use activities and the beautifully prepared digital slide presentations. Whether you’re teaching in the physical or remote classroom your teaching can still be engaging and creative.

10 Image-Based Lesson Plans

Beat students’ apathy and boredom with these engaging lessons. These ready to use lessons have engaging tasks to stimulate your students’ imagination and get them talking more fluently and using language in a more creative way.

Book Cover - 10 Image-Based Lessons
Book Cover - Digital Tools for Teachers - Trainers' Edition

Digital Tools for Teachers – Trainers’ Edition

Become the educational technology guru in your staffroom and excite your students with a range of hand-picked digital resources and apps. The book includes more than 20 readt-made teacher training sessions for you to deliver.

10 Lessons in Digital Literacy

Help your students develop their digital literacies and get a better understanding of information and how it can be constructed, manipulated and used with this collection of engaging lesson plans.

Book Cover - 20 Edtech Enhanced Activities

20 Tech Enhanced Activities for the Language Classroom

Use this book to learn how to exploit technology as a tool to develop your students language abilities. With 20 easy to use and adapt activities.

Digital Tools for Teachers

Power up your teaching with this collection of hand-picked links to digital tools and resources. Choose from tools for enhancing your students’ grammar, vocabulary and skills or find resources to support gamification or the use of virtual reality. Why waste timesearching the internet for resources when the work has been done for you?

Book cover - Digital Tools for Teachers - Second Edition
Book cover - Thinking critically through digital media

Thinking Critically through Digital Media

Do your students accept everything they read online as true? Using the activities, tips and lesson plans in this book you can get your students thinking more critically, encourage them to question and research the information they find online and help them to present information and understand how it impacts on their lives. Your students will develop a wide range of linguistic and 21st century skills while working together on engaging tasks and activities.

Exploiting Infographics

Your students will love the lessons and activities you create using the tips and techniques in this short book on exploiting infographics.

Book cover
Digital Video Cover

Digital Video – A Manual for language teachers

With the activities and knowledge you find in this award-winning book you’ll be able to create and deliver video-based lessons that your students will love.

Becoming an E-Publisher

You can publish your own materials and lesson plans. Learn from the experience of award-winning writer Nik Peachey and find out how he published his first book and how to avoid some of the mistakes along the way.

Book Cover - Becoming an E-Publisher

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