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I am the owner of a language school in the North of Argentina. We have been using your materials for months now – we are on school Subscription. For us, the transition to an online environment was a success, we have more students than ever. I am considering not going back to physical classrooms at all and specialize in remote teaching.”

Owner – Academia Interactiva La Rioja, Argentina

I would like to say thank you for creating these wonderful materials for us teachers to use in our classrooms. I really enjoyed using the Conversation & Listening 2 Book and after receiving so much amazing feedback from my students I purchased the other materials as well. I really find them very useful for both online and face-to-face teaching and my students are loving it.”

Education Coordinator – English Mode Language Centre

I’ve been using the lessons with my private EFL students for over 6 months now and they have really brought my classes to life. The first thing that struck me about the lessons was how visually appealing they were. They work well with my students because the images lead to a lot of discussion. I like that the lessons incorporate critical thinking skills and the discussion activities have more than one possible ‘correct’ answer. This means my students feel free to express their opinions without the fear of being wrong.”

Chris Moszuti


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