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The Teachers' Classroom App

The Teachers’ Classroom App

Everything you need to deliver great lessons and be the best teacher you can be.

Conversation & Listening – Book 1

Your students will love using this mobile app to access the classroom materials and work on interactive activities at home. (Free with Conversation & Listening – Book 1)

Conversation & Listening – Book 2

Make teaching and learning with digital materials easy with this great classroom app. Students can take notes, do interactive tasks and access the classroom materials from their phone. (Free with Conversation & Listening – Book 2)

30 Role Plays for TEFL

Role plays are easy to organise and fun to do in the physical and remote classroom using this simple to install workbook app for students. (Free with 30 Role Plays for TEFL)

I love your new app! Many many thanks! I can’t wait to get to look at it more thoroughly and find ways to use it when classes start again. The ‘Tools’ section is priceless, saves me lots of time.

Monica Cotul

Teacher of English – Emil Racovita National College, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I’ve been using the lessons with my private EFL students for over 6 months now and they have really brought my classes to life. Another thing that I find useful is that his audio files and vocabulary activities are embedded in the presentation files themselves. This makes learning interactive for students and makes life easier for the teacher who can teach an online class by sharing only one single file.”

Chris Moszuti

Google Certified Teacher of English

Your materials have been a godsend, from teaching teens at my kitchen table, teaching distant learners online and teaching English for Business in the classroom.”


English Teacher – Algeria