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Our apps can be installed in seconds using a link or QR code.


Our apps can run on Android, iOS or computers.


Our apps can be customised and branded

Apps for Schools

Use Our Apps to Build Your Brand

Whether you are a physical school or an online school retaining customers and building loyalty and awareness of your brand is important. What better way to make sure your students stay with you than your app with your information on their phone with their notes and class content?

Branded App

We can customise our existing free apps and add your school logo information and contact details.

Branded content

We can change the branding and social media links on the students’ materials and add links to your school social media.

Customised content

You can select the content you want your app to contain and assemble your own course.

Customised Features

You can choose from a selection of features and functionality which we can add to the app.

Get your app

Prices for customised apps start from $200

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