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We have a wide selection of ebooks for teacher development and lesson resources. If you like what we do you can become a yearly subscriber and download our complete back catalogue and get all our new releases over the coming months for one single fee.

8 Business English Lessons: Meetings is a collection of Business 8 Business English Lessons: meetings - CoverEnglish lessons aimed at helping busy teachers with ready-to-use interactive digital materials for the modern classroom.

The lessons focus on developing students skills by engaging them in discussions, role-plays and simulations as well as reading and listening activities.

These activities encourage students to work collaboratively and share their skills and experience whilst developing their knowledge of English vocabulary and expressions.

The lesson materials can be delivered in the classroom using a projector or interactive whiteboard and students can also access the materials on their mobile devices by scanning a QR code or just typing in a short link.

10 Business English Lessons: Managing10 Business English Lessons: Managing is a collection of motivating and interactive short lessons that help students to develop their communication and conversation skills for the real world of business.

The content is aimed at intermediate or higher level English students who want to develop a better ability to discuss issues around managing staff within a business.

The book can be used either as a complete short course or lessons and activities can be used as supplementary materials in existing courses.

30 Role Plays for TEFL30 Role Plays for TEFL is a marvellous book full of speaking activities for students. In writing this book Pete Clements and Rich McCully have drawn on their wealth of classroom experience to design role plays that will really work in your classroom.

The role plays cover a real variety of situations that vary from the everyday to the extraordinary.
The book also includes some tips on how to make the role plays work and some advice on how to design your own role plays for your students.

10 Short Image LessonsThis book is a collection of fluency activities that encourage students to think creatively and which help to build their ability to empathize with others.

Each short lesson is based around a beautiful image, starts with a vocabulary building activity and has a set of questions designed to make students think more deeply about the story behind the image and encourage students’ curiosity and imagination.

Hacking CreativityTechniques, Exercises and Activities for the Creative Language Classroom – Creativity has a key role in language learning and language use. The ability to be creative is essential for the spontaneous production of language during conversation, but too often the language practice activities used in the classroom require little imagination or personalisation from the students.
The activities and exercises in this book are designed to address this problem by giving students the stimulation and opportunity to unlock their imagination and engage with language at a deeper and more personal level.

10 Image-Based Lesson Plans for the English Language Classroom – I have always found that images have the power get students speaking and particularly images of people can stimulate their curiosity and help to produce a wide range of questions.
The tasks and activities in these lesson plans should also help to develop your students’ vocabulary and fluency.
Each of the lesson plans includes a digital presentation that you can use with a data projector or you can share with students so that they can access the materials on their own devices.

Digital Tools for Teachers – Trainers’ Edition – In this book, the first four chapters are provided as a guide for teachers who want to use the book for teacher training and development.

Using the tools, tips and activities provided in these first chapters a teacher with some basic experience of using technology in the classroom should be able to create motivating hands-on edtech training for their peers or for pre-service trainee teachers.

10 Lessons in Digital Literacy – This e-booklet contains a collection of ten lesson plans to help you develop students’ digital literacies and critical thinking skills. Based around authentic infographics the lessons start by using discussion to help students access what they already know about the topics and then move on to comprehension and a range of tasks that help students to explore the validity and authenticity of the information they find. They finish with structured research and presentation tasks that encourage students to work collaboratively and share what they have learned.

20 Tech Enhanced Activities for the Language Classroom – This ebook was designed to be the first in a series of collections of the simple activities and ideas I have used over many years when delivering teaching and teacher training sessions that incorporate the use of digital technologies.

The ideas use simple free tools that have stood the test of time and remained consistently reliable. The teaching ideas and activities themselves are ones that I have adapted from my pre-technology teaching days, so they are all built on sound classroom teaching practice.

Digital Tools for Teachers – This book has been written and designed primarily with English language teachers in mind though the majority of the resources and tools contained in the book will have much wider use than just language teaching.

The book contains more than 70 tools and resources and these have been hand-picked because they represent a broad cross-section of what is at present available.

Thinking Critically through Digital Media – In a world where anyone with an internet connection can access, create and share information, opinions and beliefs, it has become increasingly important that students are not only able to assess the credibility of sources but also to look more deeply at the underlying motivations, beliefs and bias of the creator.
Thinking Critically through Digital Media enables teachers to use authentic materials and digital tools combined with motivating communicative tasks to develop students’ abilities to function as critical and well-informed digital citizens.

exploiting-infographics_coverExploiting Infographics – This ebook was designed with English language teachers in mind but should have some value for any teacher who is interested in developing their students’ digital literacy and critical thinking skills.
The book contains a wide range of suggested activities for both the creation and exploitation of infographics in the classroom.
It also helps teachers with tips and advice on how to plan and create infographics and suggestions for which tools to use to produce different types of infographic.

digital video front coverDigital Video – A Manual for Language Teachers – 

Digital Video is a 400-page award-winning, multimedia manual for language teachers to help them build activities, courses and engaging materials for their students. From exploiting mobile apps on handheld devices to building video into blended and task-based learning, Digital Video covers it all.

ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources

With detailed technical support through a range of 26 tutorial videos, illustrated step-by-step guides and more than forty lesson examples and over 300 images, teachers can use this manual to build their confidence and find some of the best free video applications and resources online.


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