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Here’s what teachers say about our products.

My young students love the materials for their elegant design and interesting topics, and the older love them for the life lessons! “

Muhammad Shujaat

Jeddah International College/University

To me, you are the light left on by God! My personal lighthouse where I can find the lessons I need, the advice I seek, the resources I am looking for to achieve my educational goals.  Grateful!”

Magdalini Giannakouli

Gone are the days of tired looking PowerPoint or shared PDFs.  Nik and his team have taken teaching beyond and created materials that are stunning and highly engaging.

Using his materials will make you a better teacher and inspire you to push yourself even further. The teacher’s app is a fantastic resource. I particularly enjoy the Infographic section.”

English on the Run

I am a massive fan and an enthusiastic subscriber. Your lesson plans and ideas have had a radical, positive change in my pedagogy.”

Cambridge Centres – Vietnam

I have the app more than six months now and I have nothing but praise for it. I have to say the “Apologizing” lesson was super. Such fun we had in our class with that one!”

Tipperary Education and Training Board

Your application is just great, I cannot imagine my teaching without it.”

Gymnazium Ceska Lipa – Czech Republic

I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your ELT classroom materials. The topics are very interesting, and they are absolutely visually appealing. Each time I browse the course materials on your website, it is like walking into a favourite clothing store and finding many attractive items. “



I like the fact that everything is handy and easy to find. I not only love the materials, which I have used in my lessons and have been a success, but I also love the videos. There are many of them I didn’t know about, apart from your webinars, which are just great and very suitable.”

Cristina Valiente


Just to say a very big thank you for your amazing site. I am so impressed with the materials and resources. Money very well spent!”

Jane Hearne

Senior Teacher – Concorde International – Canterbury

Thank you so much for all your amazing work. Your webinars, etc, are outstanding. I bought your Hacking Creativity book, and it has added so much value to my work.”

Management Systems Consultant – Six Sigma Consulting

I just bought ‘The Gamer’ and I just wanted to tell you that I’m REALLY impressed with the material and the presentation. Very cool. Thank you. “

Teacher – Bavaria – Germany

I would like to commend you once again! Your lessons are fantastic and my private students and I are having a ball!! They are so interesting and easy to follow!”

Qudsiyyah Toffar-Fataar

Teacher – Englifluent

This is really terrific! Superb material! Your work is flawless! Really so well structured and professional!”

Teacher – Freelance

My students love these lessons, especially the infographic reading through the QR codes. Thanks for making my job a lot easier, richer, and even more importantly, more interesting for the students too!”

ELL Director – Blue Ridge School

Thanks for your help and for creating such cool materials, my kids go nuts.”

School Owner – Manitoba Language Institute

I subscribed about two months ago. The work you produce is brilliant! They are great for lead-in’s, or just a break from the actual textbook. The activities are very engaging, entertaining and visually attractive. “

Teacher – Englifluent

I love your new app, many many thanks! I can’t wait to get to look at it more thoroughly and find ways to use it when classes start again. The ‘Tools’ section is priceless, saves me lots of time. “

Teacher of English – ‘Emil Racovita’ National College

Your materials have been a godsend, from teaching teens at my kitchen table, teaching distant learners online and teaching English for Business in the classroom. I also tutor a big plant manager one-on-one in his office, and many of the lessons have been perfect for him.”


Teacher – Oran, Algeria

I am the owner of a language school in the North of Argentina. We have been using your materials for months now – we are on school Subscription. For us, the transition to an online environment was a success, we have more students than ever. I am considering not going back to physical classrooms at all and specialize in remote teaching.”

Owner – Academia Interactiva La Rioja, Argentina

I would like to say thank you for creating these wonderful materials for us teachers to use in our classrooms. I really enjoyed using the Conversation & Listening 2 Book and after receiving so much amazing feedback from my students I purchased the other materials as well. I really find them very useful for both online and face-to-face teaching and my students are loving it.”

Education Coordinator – English Mode Language Centre

I’ve been using the lessons with my private EFL students for over 6 months now and they have really brought my classes to life. The first thing that struck me about the lessons was how visually appealing they were. They work well with my students because the images lead to a lot of discussion. I like that the lessons incorporate critical thinking skills and the discussion activities have more than one possible ‘correct’ answer. This means my students feel free to express their opinions without the fear of being wrong.”

Chris Moszuti


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