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By Nik Peachey

Digital Tools for Teachers - CoverThis book has been written and designed primarily with English language teachers in mind, though the majority of the resources and tools contained in the book will have much wider use than just language teaching.

The book contains more than 70 tools and resources, and these have been hand-picked because they represent a broad cross-section of what is at present available.

Speaking Tools ChapterThe chapters of the book are divided into simple pedagogical tasks that most teachers need to carry out or help their students with, and the descriptions of the resources are suitably concise to make the book easy for a stressed teacher to access and browse in a few spare moments between classes.

The sites, apps and resources within the book have been divided into the following chapters:

  • Reading Tools
  • Writing Tools
  • Speaking Tools
  • Listening Tools
  • Grammar Tools
  • Presentation Tools
  • Poll & Survey Tools
  • Infographic Tools
  • Course Creation Tools

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