Watching video is the easiest way to power up your teacher development.
This content is all available within the Teachers’ Classroom App.

Webinar Recordings

Get a better understanding of educational technology, remote and online learning.

Remote Teaching Tips

Become a great remote teacher and engage your students’ attention.

Soft Skills Training

Apply motivational techniques and understand how empathy can help you become a better teacher and trainer.

Exploiting Infographics

After watching this webinar you will have a collection of ready-to-use materials as well as generic ideas that you can use to create your own tasks for exploiting infographics.

10 Digital Tools

Using the tools he presents, Nik Peachey demonstrates how, with minimal preparation, you can take any text from the internet and create a series of activities to develop students’ reading, listening, speaking, writing and vocabulary skills.

Building an App for Teachers/Students

Using the Teachers’ Classroom App as an example Nik Peachey shows how you can quickly create a simple cross-platform mobile app for students or teachers. All the necessary assets are provided. You just add your own content.

Adapting Materials for the Remote Classroom

Learn to create and adapt materials so that they cane easily be used by teachers and students working in remote classrooms. In this webinar, Nik Peachey share years of experience of designing award-winning materials along with some really useful free tools for building your own digital lessons.

Ensuring Students Success Online

In the webinar, Nik Peachey reflects on years of experience of managing online courses and learners and shares some vital tools, tips and techniques that you can use to ensure your students and teachers have a positive teaching and learning experience.

Speaking & Collaboration in the Remote Classroom

Find out how to maximise remote classroom engagement and get students doing the speaking. In this webinar, Nik Peachey offers a range of tips, techniques and example activities to get students speaking and collabrating together.

Promoting Creativity in Digital Learning

Turn dull online learning materials into creative engaging learning tasks and activities using a range of techniques and activities from this 45-minute webinar.

Building Rapport in the Remote Classroom

One of the most important roles of the teacher is to make students feel comfortable and to build a supportive human relationship with them. In this webinar you can learn how to do that using a range of tried and tested techniques.

The secret of success

Nik Peachey shows how some of the features of the lesson materials from the Conversation & Listening course can be used in remote classrooms. He also demonstrates some examples of the blended learning activities that teachers can set as pre-class or follow-up activities.

Each of our webinars is recorded live and then edited down to around 35 – 45 minutes