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Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
The relevance to educational technology is that it can help us decide which tools we choose to use with our students and how we enable our students to use these tools.
Few things divide the opinions of teachers more than the use of technology in the classroom but with more than 20 years of the internet I thought we would have moved on from “Whether?” to “How?” It seems […]
It always amazes me that despite being the world’s largest video library, YouTube is still blocked or banned in many educational institutions. As a resource for  learning about almost anything, but particularly for language learning it is an […]
laptop image
As internet connections improve and costs of classroom hours increase, it’s becoming increasingly important to offer some form of blended or totally online materials to enhance courses. In this posting, I’ll introduce some useful free and freemium tools […]


Any internet search will show that there are a huge number of online tools available for the creation of polls and surveys. The ones included here are some of the best I have used and show some of […]

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