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One thing that we could do to help change the mindset of students without trying to influence their beliefs and to defuse tensions that may materialize within our classrooms is to stop having classroom debates and start helping students understand how to engage in dialogue.
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One of the most useful questions in any language is ‘Why?’ It’s one of the fundamental metaphysical questions that we spend most of our lives wrestling with, and one of the first question words we produce as our […]
Pecha Kucha (Japanese for chit-chat) is a presentation format that is based on using 20 presentation slides but only talking about each of them for 20 seconds. The format, which keeps presentations short and concise (each presentation should […]
This text has been adapted from the chapter on conceptual models in my e-book – Digital Tools for Teachers – Trainers’ Edition. It’s one of a number of models presented in the chapter that can be used to […]
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
The relevance to educational technology is that it can help us decide which tools we choose to use with our students and how we enable our students to use these tools.
It always amazes me that despite being the world’s largest video library, YouTube is still blocked or banned in many educational institutions. As a resource for  learning about almost anything, but particularly for language learning it is an […]


Any internet search will show that there are a huge number of online tools available for the creation of polls and surveys. The ones included here are some of the best I have used and show some of […]

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